Apex Legends Season 02 Lands Next Month With New Legend And L-Star Weapon

Apex Legends is still a popular battle royale game that is free to play, like its Fortnite counterpart. Respawn is always updating the game and trying to fight cheaters to keep Apex Legends fun for everyone. It announced last month that it had banned 770,000 cheaters. Respawn also announced that a significant update was inbound that would bring big performance improvements. Apex Legends has now announced Season 02 with a new Legend and a new weapon.

apex legends wattson

The new Legend is a female character named Wattson that looks sweet, but can be quite shocking to those who underestimate her. Wattson is a Static Defender that uses electricity to her advantage. Wattson's tactical ability is Perimeter Security, her passive ability is Spark of Genius, and her Ultimate Ability is Interception Pylon.

Perimeter security connects nodes to create electrified fences that damage and slow enemies. Spirit of Genius allows Ultimate Accelerates to fully charge the Ultimate Ability and standing near interception pylons boosts the Tactical Ability recharge. The Ultimate Ability, Interception Pylon, places an electrified pylon that destroys incoming ordnance and repairs damaged shields as long as it stands with a maximum of three in place at once.

The new weapon that lands along with Wattson is the L-Star, an energy-based light machine gun that is available in supply drops and is a Gold-level weapon. New events are coming to the game with one called The Legendary Hunt that will last two-weeks; players can learn about that event here. The time it takes to reach to Battle Pass level 100 is significantly reduced with the update.

Three more Legendary skins are in the rewards track and more. One significant change is that Voice Lines are replaced with Crafting Metal rewards. Season 2 will let players earn enough Crafting Metals to craft the legendary item of their choosing; Season 2: Battle Charge is landing July 2.