AOC's Agon AG353UCG 35” Curved 200Hz G-Sync HDR Gaming Monitor Unveiled

AOC is about to be giving ASUS and Acer some competition into the high-end monitor space with its new Agon AG353UCG. You can probably discern from the model name that this is a 35-inch display, but the devil is in the details. Not only is it big, the Agon AG353UCG sports a fast 200Hz refresh rate, HDR support, and a built-in G-Sync module.

At the high-end of the display spectrum, ASUS and Acer have the ROG Swift PG27UQ and Predator X27, respectively. AOC's new Agon display is not trading blows with those panels directly, though there are notable similarities.

For one, all three have fast refresh rates and built-in G-Sync modules, and they each can reach an eye-searing 1,000 nits brightness level to properly display HDR content. However, the Agon AG353UCG trades a higher 4K resolution as found on those other models for a 3440x1440 resolution, stretched over a curved, ultra-wide landscape.

It's also a bigger 35-inch monitor. So, it's a different kind of beast, thought still a beast in the monitor space.

AOC's newest display has a full array local dimming (FALD) backlight with 512 dimming zones, to go along with its peak 1,000 nits brightness. It also boasts VESA's DisplayHDR 1000 certification. Being able to hit 1,000 nits brightness is one of the requirements, though it is not the only one, in order to bear the certification badge—there are local dimming, color gamut, and 10-bit image processing requirements as well.

The press release mentions a 1ms MPRT (Moving Picture Response Time), though the actual gray-to-gray (G2G) response time is probably in the neighborhood of 4ms, which is more commonly found on these types of VA panels. Still, with the high refresh rate and G-Sync support, the Agon AG353UCG should be a good option for fast and smooth gaming.

AOC went with a small bezel design on this display. Not that many people are going to plopping two or more of these together, but smaller bezels do lend themselves to sleeker designs. For connectors, it has a DisplayPort 1.4 port and an HDMI 2.0 port for video, four USB 3.1 ports, and a 3.5mm jack.

There's no word yet on when this monitor will ship or how much it will cost.