NVIDIA G-SYNC And What To Look For In Next-Generation HDR Gaming Monitors

HDR -- you’ve undoubtedly seen the three letters stamped on the box of the latest 4K monitors and TVs while passing by them in the store, and while it is still relatively new HDR (High-Dynamic Range) technology is, without question, changing the way in which our senses take in next-gen entertainment. NVIDIA is at the forefront of driving this cutting-edge display technology with new G-SYNC monitors that profoundly impact three primary pillars of how visual entertainment is perceived by the human eye: color, brightness, and contrast.

How that translates to today’s visually advanced games is a true-to-life spectrum of vibrant colors, dramatically more intense light sources that bring a sense of realism to virtual worlds, and simultaneous deep blacks and bright whites among other graphical enhancements. 

Now available to purchase, these 27-inch G-SYNC HDR monitors (like the ASUS ROG Swift PG27UQ model HotHardware reviewed here) are the ultimate gaming displays as they feature zero screen-tearing, stutter or artifacts for a visual experience bolstered by a stunningly wide DCI-P3 color gamut, 1000 nits peak brightness and exceptional contrast.  Additionally, G-SYNC boasts variable overdrive, which eradicates ghosting artifacts by predicting the next frame and adjusting the parameters of the LCD overdrive accordingly. You can get a more thorough rundown of G-SYNC’s high-tech features here.

On top of the rich colors and image quality G-SYNC delivers, the high-performance 27-inch G-SYNC HDR displays also pack up to 120Hz refresh rates, refresh rate overclocking to 144Hz, and impressively low input lag. 

G-SYNC displays also come in a variety of form factors including 17 and 15-inch 120Hz G-SYNC laptops, 24.5-inch 240Hz eSports displays, 27-inch G-SYNC HDR 4K 144Hz displays, and even 35-inch WFHD 200Hz displays. All G-SYNC displays are certified by NVIDIA to meet exacting standards for refresh rates, flicker, color and front of screen performance, too. 

Whether you need a powerful monitor perfect for eSports gaming or the ultimate monitor to complete your in-home gaming setup, G-SYNC HDR represents the peak of gaming displays currently and are now available to own from a variety of hardware manufacturers. Go here for a full list of G-SYNC gaming display retailers.

This news story was sponsored by NVIDIA Corp.