Anthem's Latest Crazy Bug Makes Level 1 Weapons Most Powerful In The Game

Anthem players who spent hours grinding and leveling up and working towards a potent Masterwork endgame weapon were dismayed to find out that they already possessed the most powerful weapon in the game—a first-level common Defender Rifle. Despite what the numbers show, there is a bug that allows it to kill enemies faster than a level 45 Masterwork Ralner Blaze Rifle.

This was put to the test by Reddit user YeetLordSupreme. Out of curiosity, he decided to quantify the damage amounts of different weapons. That's when he stumbled upon the bug.

Using the level 1 common Defender Rifle, he recorded a single bullet doing 286 damage against a normal Scar Trooper. His level 45 Masterwork Ralner Blaze Rifle was seemingly much more potent, doling out 1,184 damage against a Scar Trooper.

"Given these numbers, you might (reasonably) assume that the MW weapon will kill enemies faster, since it does more damage. This is NOT the case! Going back to the scar troopers, the MW rifle takes 6 bullets to kill our scar friend. Given the damage numbers, our level 1 rifle should take around 5x more bullets to do the job. Guess how many it actually takes? 4 That's right. 4 bullets!!!," YeetLordSupreme says.

He tested this with different weapons and enemies, and while the numbers varied, he says the results were always the same—the level 1 Defender Rifle proved itself to be the most effective weapon in his inventory, and by wide margins.

That is obviously not supposed to be the case. it's a bug in the game, which BioWare has confirmed.

"I have confirmed with the team that this is in fact a bug related specifically to the default items on a loadout in combination with higher level gear you have equipped," said Andrew Johnson, BioWare's global community lead. "It’s not functioning as intended and the team is working on it for an upcoming fix."

As for exactly when the issue will be fixed, it slated to be part of an update that is scheduled for next Tuesday, March 12.

Anthem has gotten off to somewhat of a rocky start. As a brand new IP, there was plenty of excitement prior to its launch, unlike Apex Legends (another title recently published by Electronics Arts), which seemingly came out of nowhere and has taken the gaming scene by storm. It's been marred by some annoying bugs, such as reportedly crashing Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles here in the early going.

Hopefully the March 12 update will smooth over the wonky weapon damage system as expected, along with other bugs.