Antec's NeoPower 480 Modular PSU, Gigabyte's 3D Rocket Cooler

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HEC Windmill 385W PS @ Techniz News

"Today, we are reviewing another good power supply unit from HEC which is the Windmill 385W PSU. HEC have started to expand from pure manufacturing into establishing designing, R&D, sales channels and global logistics businesses. Besides computer cases, their main products include Power, Barebone Assembly, IPC/Server hardware, Redundant Power, Peripherals (mobile rack, storage box, RAID system), and so on. They also have developed their own HEC brand in switching power supplies for cases and for many first-rate system integration companies. Lets moving on to our review."

Vantec NexStar 2 External 5.25 Drive Enclosure reviewed @

"Have you ever ran into the need to copy or burn a DVD with a computer that didn't have a burner installed in it or perhaps you have one DVD burner and would like the option of sharing it with all of the computers in your home or office. The same thing applies to a CD drive, if you answered yes to this question then the Vantec NexStar 2 External 5.25 CD/DVD Drive Enclosure should interest you."

XG Vigor 500 Power Supply Review @ LAN Addict

"Well, from this we can see little variation in the voltage readings; the Vigor 500 is holding its ground when it comes to supplying the right voltage constantly. I tested this while running Sandra 2004 Pro, 3d Mark 2005, and all cam within 0.01v of what we have above."

T-Zero: New thermal compound tested, AS5 killer? @ Madshrimps

"When a new company told us that they had a thermal paste which could beat Arctic Silver 5, we were more then intrigued, today we test their T-Zero versus the competition to find out if their claim is true"

Part 4 of the Virtual Memory Optimization Guide Rev. 4.0 Posted! @ Rojakpot

"Today, we will take an in-depth look at data locality as well as memory dump files and their relationship with paging files. We will also take a look at the pros and cons of creating multiple paging files and moving the paging file to a RAID array. Come and check out the definitive Virtual Memory Optimization Guide!"

Antec's NeoPower 480 Modular PSU @ Legit Reviews

"The NeoPower 480 is a very unique PSU. The first thing I noticed upon removing it from the packaging was the lack of a "rats nest" of cables..."

Western Digital Raptor WD740GD Review @ XYZ Computing

"The WD740GD is the updated version of the original Raptor. It uses the same basic technology and design but has two 37GB platters. Even with a doubling in its storage capacity the new Raptor is capable of a 10,000 RPM spindle speed, has an advertised 4.5 ms seek time, uses an 8MB buffer, and comes complete with a five year warranty."

Gigabyte's 3D Rocket Cooler @ PCUnleash

"Gigabyte which is one of the major manufacturers of motherboards and graphics cards, may be a relatively new name in the cooler industry. However, this one, which they've just introduced, is really quite innovative. And it is impressive to see a unique design from a company that hasn't been known for manufacturing coolers. The 3D Rocket cooler from Gigabyte is not a conventional air cooler. Board this Rocket with us, friends and lovers, and you'll have a gay (happy) time indeed. Discover the joys of properly handling the Rocket, and you might just reach the celestial orbs!"