Android Tablets Dominate iPads In Market Share, When You Count White-Box Tablets

When Strategy Analytics’ tablet market numbers came out a year ago (for Q2 2012), Android tablets nabbed just a bit more market share compared to Apple iPads, to the tune of 51.4% to 47.2%; shipments were 18.5 million for Android and 17 million for the iPad.

A year later, things have changed dramatically. Android’s market share has jumped to 67%, and the iPad has plummeted to 28.3%. There have been nearly twice as many Android tablets sold in Q2 2013 (34.6 million) than during the same time period in 2012.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

There are a couple of caveats, though; it’s worth noting that there wasn’t a major iPad release during this time period like there was last year, although analysts expected the iPad mini to do better than it did. Further, the above numbers take into account all Android tablets, including white-box tablets; the picture for branded tablets will look a bit different, although we saw from Q1 numbers that branded Android tablets were gaining ground quickly.

Further, even with white-box tablets clouding the picture a bit, it’s clear that Apple is losing ground, as it shipped 2.4 million fewer iPads in Q2 2013 than it did in Q2 2012. The company needs a new iPad with some compelling features to move that needle back in the right direction.

And yes, this is a two-horse race; Windows is there at 4.5%, but the only other platform on the board is BlackBerry, which has a measly 0.2% of the market.