America's Army Level Designer Released

The latest version of the Army's own FPS, America's Army, is out, bringing with it a tool to make your maps and missions. Along with the 2.08 update being released, the new Mission Depot is also available, allowing aspiring map creators to submit their work for review, with the chance of it becoming the next official mission distributed through the Honor network. For more information and download links, Click here.

"This release coincides with the opening of Mission Depot. With Mission Depot, you'll be able to submit the missions you have created. After a short review process, approved missions will become the next Official America's Army mission distributed throughout the Honor network! We've also provided a new forum environment for those of you ready to jump right in and get started -- Check out the Official Mapping Forum! Discuss the latest methods used or challenges and solutions faced using the America's Army Mission Editor!"
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