AMD's Radeon 5830 May Arrive Later Than Expected

AMD has launched a number of GPU's based on its Radeon 5000 series in recent months, but a last-minute problem with the ATI Radeon 5830 may force the company to delay the introduction of its latest chip. According to DigiTimes, a handful of 5830 cards have been throwing unspecified software errors due to an issue "related to circuits on the board." AMD declined to comment on the issue, other than to note that the 5830 is currently being validated and that there are no issues with any ATI GPUs currently on the market.

The recently launched ATI 5670..

We don't know how the 5830 will be clocked when it launches, but rumors indicate the new card will be roughly equivalent to the Radeon HD 4890 at a lower or equal price point. Right now, the net impact of the delay looks to be fairly minor. The 5830 was originally expected to launch in late January, but is now expected to tip up in February.

Note: This story originally referred to the Mobility 5830 rather than the desktop model. This has been corrected; we apologize for the confusion.