AMD Radeon RX 7600 Custom Cards Break Cover At Retailer Ahead Of Launch

Two reports confirm that AMD’s Radeon RX 7600 has already been shipped to a couple of retailers overseas, ahead of the GPUs launch window. Retail box information regarding the RX 7600 was also leaked confirming the GPU will have 8GB of memory, 32 CUs, and 2048 cores. One of the reports also confirms a May 26th launch window for the RX 7600.

This new information aligns closely with previous rumors, that the RX 7600 would launch or be announced in May during the Computex event. Computex officially goes live on May 30th, meaning that the RX 7600 will now launch four days early based on the new reports if AMD doesn’t change the deadline.

The RX 7600 card revealed by the two reports includes an AIB partner model card featuring Sapphire’s RX 7600 Pulse. One of the reports, from VideoCardz, shared a picture of the box detailing all of the card’s specifications, confirming the 7600 will have 8GB of memory, 32 CUs, 2048 cores, and 32MB of infinity cache. Sadly, its source did not share images of the physical card. The box itself appears to be quite small in size, so we can expect this to be a reasonably compact card as a result, albeit with a dual fan cooler design. Based on these specs, not to mention the model name, it's pretty obvious AMD is targeting RTX 4060 performance with this card, especially in regard to the GPU's 8GB of memory — which the RTX 4060 will also reportedly have. Though AMD’s decision to use just 8GB of memory has a touch of irony, considering the company vilified NVIDIA for only putting 8GB on its RTX 30 series GPUs a few weeks ago.

Pricing information varies between the two reports, VideoCardz’ report speculates that the card will cost just $249 based on a tip from an undisclosed source. However, the other report from @harukaze5719 on Twitter shows a 7600 pre-order listing for $545 Singapore dollars, which translates to $411 USD. Unfortunately, it's impossible to make out which one might be legitimate, so take this pricing information with a huge pinch of salt. Nonetheless, we can expect AMD to price the RX 7600 competitively with the RTX 4060 once it comes out. If recent RTX 4060 (non-Ti) reports are true, AMD will also have two months of unhindered domination in the mid-range market with the RX 7600, before the RTX 4060 comes out in July.

Image is of a Sapphire RX 6600 Pulse and is not representative of what the RX 7600 Pulse will look like.