AMD eyes mobile space thanks to ATI

When we asked AMD and ATI some questions about their impending merger, at one point we asked if there were any special plans in motion that would impact the mobile space in particular. The response we got what somewhat vague at the time, but some more details are emerging. According to this story on the INQ, AMD and ATI plan to integrate some low-power chipsets and discreet graphics processors into AMD's Turion mobile platform in an attempt to take on Intel's popular Centrino brand.

"AMD'S BID to take on Intel's extremely successful Centrino platform will get a boost thanks to ATI's expertise in mobile computing. The chip maker's Turion 64 and Turion X2 CPUs may be good step forward but AMD's key problem is that the memory controller is on the CPU and it cannot therefore go into an idle state. Nevertheless, our industry sources close to both camps claim that this might be one of the sweet spots of the DAAMIT deal."