AMD Execs Talk R600 Models, 'Barcelona' Benchmarks

ExtremeTech has an article posted with information regarding AMD's upcoming "Barcelona" processors and the future R600 family of graphics cards.  The information was compiled last week during a briefing in San Francisco and includes quotes taken directly from AMD's Mario Rivas, Henri Richard, and former ATI CEO Dave Orton.

"We pushed out the launch of the R600 and people thought is must be a silicon or software's got to be a bug," said Dave Orton, president and chief executiveof ATI. "In fact, our mainstream chips are in 65nm and are coming out extremely fast. Because of that configuration, we have an interesting opportunity to come to market with a broader range of products," he explained. Instead of having them separate, we thought, lets line that up, so we delayed for several weeks," Orton continued, referring to the R600 family as a whole, which AMD now says will come out at the same time (a matter of weeks as opposed to months, according to Richard) instead of just the high-end version. The R600 will be called Radeon x2900 and will be available in XTX (top of the line), XT, and XL variants."

The rest of the story is available right here.

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