Amazon To Shutter Beloved DPReview Camera Review Site But All Is Not Lost

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Long-time fans of the highly popular DPReview camera review website were saddened to learn that it will be shutting down next month. The closure of the website is part of Amazon's annual operating plan review, which looks to eliminate a total of 18,000 roles from the organization.

The current economic environment has taken its toll on many tech companies in recent months. Companies such as Intel, Meta, and Microsoft have all announced layoffs recently. Well, it seems the season of layoffs has even reached the likes of DPReview, as Amazon decides to shutter the hatches on the beloved website. An unfortunate possible side effect of being owned by a large corporation like Amazon.

The official announcement was made on the DPReview website yesterday. The site will remain active until April 10th, with new content planned until the very end. After April 10th, the site will be locked and will not receive any further updates. For a limited time, the site will remain in read-only mode.

If you happen to have content on the website, you can request a download of all the photos and text that you have uploaded to the site. However, this will only be available until April 6th, at which time the ability to request content will no longer be available.

All is not lost, however, as the duo of Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake have also announced they will be joining PetaPixel to lead its YouTube channel.

"I'm thrilled that PetaPixel is not only giving us the opportunity to keep our photography YouTube show going, but also the chance to make some fun changes to our format in upcoming episodes," Drake remarked.

Drake added that with the new content will come with larger episodes than the duo has ever done before. The upcoming episodes will include reviews of the latest cameras and gear, as well as field tests and documentaries.

PetaPixel stated in a recent blog post that it "is ecstatic to be able to provide the two with a place to continue to share their professional insight and recommendations with a community that has appreciated them for the better part of 15 years."

While the closure of DPReview is unfortunate, it is good to know that the legacy lives on. We are also glad that fans will still have a place to enjoy the entertaining and at times humorous duo for what we hope will be many more years to come.