Amazon Opens Retro Zone Storefront For All Of Your Classic Gaming Needs

It seems like everyone is trying to cash in on the retro gaming craze these days. Nintendo made a run at embracing our nostalgic side last year with the introduction of the NES Classic Edition, which went on to be a blockbuster seller (it will return for a limited production run next year). In 2017, Nintendo dove back into retro town with the SNES Classic Edition, which has also been a strong seller, albeit one that is a bit easier to get your hands on.

Given Amazon's one-stop-shop status as the world's leading online retailer, it has now opened up its Retro Zone storefront that is loaded with classic games, classic consoles, and complementary accessories.

retro zone 1

Just browsing around Retro Zone, there are listings for the aforementioned NES Classic and SNES Classic along with other fresh takes on gaming classics. For example, you'll find the Atari Flashback 7 Deluxe Special Edition for $59.99, which features 101 Atari 2600 games built-in. There are also plenty of miniature, portable retro arcade gaming systems loaded with games like Pac-Man and Space Invaders.

If you're simply looking for a spare controller for your original NES console or Dreamcast, Amazon has you covered here as well. For those of you that prefer to get your retro gaming fix on an Android device, there is a section dedicated to games available from the Amazon Appstore.

snes classic

But not everything in the Retro Zone is dedicated to actual gaming hardware and software -- there's also retro-themed clothing, toys, and books to keep you occupied in your downtime from playing modern titles like Overwatch and Player Unknown's Battlegrounds.

We should mention that Nintendo isn't the only company that has embraced "refreshed" consoles to appeal to new and old gamers alike. The Commodore 64 Mini will launch next year complete with 64 preinstalled games. The 50-percent scale device features two standard USB ports and will allow you to create your own programs after you attach a keyboard.

Likewise, the Ataribox is set to arrive next spring with an AMD APU complete with Radeon graphics. That console will run Linux and will be priced between $250 to $300.