Where And How To Buy Nintendo’s SNES Classic Edition As Retailers Get Restocked This Week

Nintendo promised months ago that it would build more of the SNES Classic Edition consoles that it did of the hugely successful NES Classic Edition last year. The catch, as we all knew it would be, was that demand still outstripped supply for SNES Classic Edition hopefuls. This means that the initial stock of the retro console dried up quickly. The good news is that GameStop and ThinkGeek are gearing up with a new batch of consoles for fans to fight over this week.

snes classic 1

A GameStop representative reached out to let HotHardware know that more stock is inbound. The rep says, "GameStop is happy to announce that they will have additional SNES units available in stores and online. Only individual units will available in stores starting today, while bundles and standalone units will be available online starting tomorrow, October 11. All U.S. stores will start to receive their shipments today, and will have their full allotment by Thursday, October 12 at the latest. GameStop recommends customers call their local store to check if their SNES shipment has arrived."

The source also notes that ThinkGeek will have standalone units in the stores as of today and online as of tomorrow. Having standalone units is a big deal; that means you don't have to buy ridiculous, overpriced bundles that have cheesy add-ons that you really don't want. GameStop and ThinkGeek both made an artform out of bundles with the launch of the Nintendo Switch, and it's good to see that the practice hasn't carried over to the SNES Classic Edition.

The SNES Classic Edition has already been hacked to allow gamers to add more ROMs for additional games over and above what the console came with from the factory. The process of adding those additional games is quite complicated, but is expected to get easier over time as refinements are made.

As for the other locations that offered SNES Classic Edition consoles at launch, you will want to keep checking to see when more stock will be available. Amazon, Walmart, Target and other locations don't normally give advance notice when more stock will turn up so all you can do is wait.