Updated: Amazon Leak Reveals Echo AI Device With Touch Display And FireOS Interface

Back in early March, we were given an early glimpse at an upcoming Amazon camera courtesy of AFTVnews, which stumbled across a picture of the device sitting on Amazon’s servers. Two months later, that product was revealed to be the Echo Look camera.

Today, a small image of what could be a touch-screen Amazon Echo device has emerged. Like the earlier Echo Look leak, the image of the device was found on Amazon’s servers, just waiting to be discovered. OK, maybe the image wasn't really all that small... 

echo fireos white

The new Echo device is reportedly codenamed “Knight” and will be revealed later this month. It will also take its place as the flagship of the Echo family, likely surpassing the $179.99 MSRP of the original Alexa-powered AI speaker.

It should be noted that the image leak lines up with previous reports we’ve seen regarding the so-called flagship Echo device. Late last year, we learned that the device would feature a 7-inch touch screen, and that it would have integrated speakers that are superior to those in the original Echo. There's even a built-in camera at the top of the device, which could be useful for video conferencing.

echo fireos black

It was also mentioned that the Echo device will run Amazon’s FireOS. “The gadget will still respond to verbal commands and spoken questions, just like current Alexa devices,” said Mark Gurman back in November. “Amazon is also testing a feature that allows users to pin items such as photos on their speaker’s screen akin to physically placing items on a refrigerator door, one of the people said.”

Given that the original Echo is priced at $179.99, we could see this new Echo device starting at the $199 price point, or perhaps even higher due to its integrated touch screen.

Updated May 5th at 4:50pm
This article has been updated to reflect larger, clearer images provided by notorious gadget leaker Evan Blass.