Amazon Echo Look Is A $200 Voice-Controlled Vanity Camera For Fashionistas

echo look 2
Well, this didn’t turn out the way we expected. Back in early March, a single image of an upcoming product from Amazon made its way to the internet. Everyone simply assumed the it was a new security camera — at the time, it seemed like a rather educated guess — that would tie into Amazon’s Echo family of smart home AI speakers.

Today, however, it has been revealed that we were only right on one front. The new Echo Look is indeed part of the Echo family as its name implies, but it is far from being a security camera. In fact, its primary purpose is to serve and a “hands-free camera and style assistant”. Say what!?

scho look

That’s right, the Echo Look is meant to help you determine if that that top goes with those shoes, or if that chic jacket is all wrong for those skinny jeans. Amazon uses an onboard depth-sensing camera along with artificial intelligence algorithms for this so-called “Style Check”.

Since the Echo Look is voice activated, it serves as the ultimate selfie camera, allowing you to snap full-length pictures or take short videos by belting out the requisite command. You can even compose a 360-degree view of your chosen outfit, so even you can see how those pants look from behind if you’re carrying a little extra junk in the trunk.

echo look

Given that this is an Echo device, it’s also capable performing the usual tasks like checking on stocks, weather, accessing Amazon Music or tapping into your smart home devices (i.e. smart switches, thermostats, garage door openers, etc.).

The Amazon Echo Look will be available for $199.99 and is available now on an invite-only basis. It’s too late for April Fool’s, so we’re guessing this is the real deal…