Amazon Is Working On An Alexa Home Security Camera According To This Leak

It looks as though Amazon may have another hardware release coming up. Amazon has found huge success with its family of Echo speakers, which are backed by Alexa artificial intelligence. Now, the company may be attempting to further tap into the “connected home” space with a new security camera.

The product was discovered hiding away on Amazon’s servers by AFTVnews. The rather unusual — for a security camera —device has an elongated camera “pod” that sits atop a base (which should allow the camera to pivot into various positions). The camera appears to have a blue LED ring around it, which is reminiscent of the blue LED light ring on the Echo and Echo Dot, which lights up when listening to a request. The camera is also surrounded by what appears to be four infrared sensors to be used in low-light conditions.

amazon alexa camera

Although its somewhat hard to make out, there are what look like two small openings at the top of the camera pod, which could be built-in microphones for Alexa commands. It’s quite possible that there is a speaker incorporated somewhere between the vast expanse between the camera and the bottom of the Amazon logo.

There are already a number of cameras that have Alexa voice support incorporated, so it makes sense that Amazon wants a piece of the action with a fully-integrated experience that it only it can provide — i.e. connecting with Amazon’s cloud storage to securely hold video recordings. We could see Amazon even sweetening the deal for Prime subscribers when it comes to cloud storage for recordings -- the company already provides unlimited photo storage for Prime subscribers.