Amazon Unveils A New Echo Spot And It's Already Discounted Ahead Of Prime Day

Angled Amazon Echo Spot on a nightstand.
Remember when Amazon released an Alexa-powered alarm clock called Echo Spot? You could be forgiven if you forgot all about the first-generation model, which Amazon unveiled back in 2017. Now seven years later, Amazon has unveiled a brand new Echo Spot with a slicker design, and Prime members can snag one for 40% off its MSRP, making it another early Prime Day deal.

The latest model doesn't look a ton different from the original, retaining its semi-spherical shape and of course access to Amazon's Alexa assistant. However, it is a little sleeker with a flat display on the upper half and a speaker grill on the bottom for a split design. Amazon said it built the Echo Spot to be nestled on a nightstand.

According to Amazon, the latest version serves up "better visuals and improved audio quality," the latter of which is served by a 1.73-inch front-firing directional speaker capable of "clear vocals and deep bass." As for the display, it's a 2.83-inch touchscreen with a 320x240 resolution, which sits behind a half-circle tinted cover glass. The original version offered up a 2.5-inch touchscreen display with a 480x480 resolution.

"With Echo Spot, requests like weather reports are even more fun. Just ask Alexa for the weather to see the temperature, along with an illustration—like a sun, rain cloud, or snowflake—appear on the screen," Amazon explains.

There's no camera this time around, which means video calling falls by the wayside with the newest Echo Spot. For those concerned about privacy, however, this feature omission could be a blessing in disguise.

Those interested can pick up an Echo Spot in one of three color choices, all available at a discount for Prime members. They include...
You can also save 20% with an eligible trade-in, details of which can be found in a link on the product page. For those who aren't a Prime member, the regular price on the 2024 Echo Spot is $79.99.