Albatron Shows Off Mini-ITX AM2 Board

Perhaps the only Mini-ITX AM2 motherboard on the planet at this time, the KI960-AM2 has a lot going for it other than a name that sounds like some top-secret military hardware. The board seems to have almost everything one could reasonably expect in such a small form factor and then some. Here's what Charlie from had to say:

"Albatron had the best mobo that I saw at CeBIT, bar none. It is called the KI960-AM2, a mini-ITX full featured AMD690 based AM2 board. There is nothing else like it here. In case you can't tell from the ratio of the socket to the entire board, this is either the largest AM2 socket you have ever seen or a really tiny board. This is a tiny board, but it lacks nearly nothing. OK, it only has one PCI slot and no PCIe, but everything else is there. Four S-ATA, 2 SO-DIMM slots (note: not DIMMs) and even a PATA connector. That may seem like a lot, but wait until you see the AV options. It starts with VGA out, adds DVI, and then an HDMI port."


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