Albatron PX875P Pro, Sony VAIO Notebook, Sapphire X800 XT Platinum and More

Good morning everyone :)  Sorry to cut this short but, I am running extremely lean on time today.  So, without further ado, here is your morning shot of juice...

Albatron PX875P Pro @ Viper Lair

"With the exception of the lack of RAID, 10/100 networking, and a passive North Bridge cooler, it's tough to ignore the performance and stability of the PX875P Pro. If you're in the market for a Pentium 4 motherboard, and don't need all the frills some high-end boards may provide, this board is certainly worthy of being on your short-list given its cost."

Sony VAIO VGN-X505VP Notebook Review @ Designtechnica

"Using the X505 in a public place such as a coffeehouse or on public transportation, you'll notice a lot of glances. Whether they are looking at the elegant little powerhouse in front of you or the big grin on your face while using it, you will be noticed –it's just that special. The Sony X505 is an extreme system that will appeal to those wanting the bleeding edge in design and innovation."

Sapphire X800 XT Platinum Edition @ GamePC Labs

"Today at GamePC, we've taken a look at the first card to be released utilizing the new ATI Radeon X800 XT Platinum Edition graphics architecture. These cards, from Sapphire, make use of the new 520 MHz GPU core and 1.1 GHz+ DDR-3 memory to allow for amazing performance levels. We test this new card against the X800 Pro and other shipping cards in titles like Far Cry, Battlefield Vietnam, and Painkiller."

ATI Radeon X800 Pro vs. nVidia GeForce 6800 Ultra @ TweakTown

"In Shane's latest article, he compares the performance of a GeCube based ATI Radeon X800 Pro against the reference nVidia GeForce 6800 Ultra. While taking a quick look at both cards, we benchmark with our usual array of benchmarks as well as with AA and AF enabled and with the addition of Far Cry."

Leadtek TV2000 XP - Expert Edition @ Bjorn3D

"My interest for TV tuners was sparked again when I started getting extra hard drive space and started hearing more and more about PVRs and DVRs. So, when Scott asked me if I wanted to review the Leadtek TV2000 XP Tuner - Expert Edition, I was looking forward to it."

Time to run, I will see you later :) - Cheers