Adobe Wants To Flash You Offline

Adobe announced  yesterday at the national Association of Broadcasters trade show that they've got a  new flash based  platform that lets you  download and watch videos  on or off-line.  The content providers are supposed to like  this  better as  they can  send along whatever they've been using to  make money on the content  with the video.
Delivered as a lightweight download, Adobe Media Player delivers innovation for both viewers and content owners. For viewers, Adobe Media Player enables higher quality Flash format playback, the ability to download and view videos offline, ways to discover interesting new shows, full screen playback, one-click viewer ratings, and a powerful Favorites feature that automatically downloads new episodes of favorite TV shows or video podcasts. The player is cross-platform, based on open standards including RSS and SMIL and brings viewers the highly desired ability to play the Webs most popular video format outside of their browser.
If advertisers like it, you might not. I f you like it, other content providers might not. If you like it, advertisers like it, and content providers like it, copyright infringement lawyers might not. All they'll have left is suing Google over  what's on YouTube. Available from Adobe later in 2007. 
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