Activision and Bungie Release Impressive "Law of The Jungle" Destiny Trailer

We got a taste of “Destiny”, a new MMO being developed by Activision and Bungie, back in February, and now the companies are teasing the game even more with a trailer called “Law of the Jungle”.

Directed by Jon Favreau and featuring Giancarlo Esposito, the trailer teases what appear to be cut shots interspersed with a bit of gameplay action. There are three protagonists fighting side-by-side against an invading alien force, and each of the three has a different look and different weapons. For example, one has a hood and cape while another has a quasi Boba Fett-style helmet.

In terms of weaponry, we see that there’s a Street Fighter II-esque ball of energy that the player can shoot from his hands (wouldn't it be awesome if he yells “hadouken!” when he fires it off?); a handgun that appears to shoot explosives, among other ammunition; and a heavy-duty machine gun.

Our protagonists

Presumably, these three individuals aren’t necessarily the only three characters you can be in the game; rather, (we hope) that they’re just indicative of the type of fighter each player can draw up and customize for themselves.

In any case, the trailer is pretty clear about the fact that you and your comrades are a “wolfpack” that will need to work together to shoot the bejesus out of earth’s invaders, which sounds like a lot of fun.

Admit it, you'll watch anything with this guy in it.

Destiny will be officially revealed in full at E3, on June 10th--notably, during Sony’s PlayStation press conference--and the trailer will air on TNT on May 25th during the NBA Western Conference finals.