ABIT AV8 Motherboard, Antex HD Cooler, ATi HDTV, and more!

Hey... good morning to you all! An interesting news item we have today is that the "Majority of New HDTVs Powered By ATI". In my house, we have three computers powered by ATi(and a fourth computer powered by a 3DFX Voodoo3). Even my Gamecube has ATi! ATi... the other red army ;) My next card will be a 6800GT though so that will mix things up. Anyway enough about me, on with the news!

Majority of New HDTVs Powered By ATI

"ATI Technologies Inc. (TSX: ATY, NASDAQ: ATYT) announced today that the vast majority of commercially available integrated Digital Cable Ready (DCR) High Definition Televisions use ATI's NXT2003™. The NXT2003 is the industry's first single chip off-air DTV and unidirectional cable receiver. DCR HDTV sets are rigorously tested to insure quality operation. Eleven consumer electronic companies have announced digital cable certified HDTV sets. Of these, nine rely on ATI's NXT series components for reliable high performance reception: Panasonic, Samsung, Toshiba, Hitachi, Sony, Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America, Inc., Thomson, Inc., Sharp, and another major manufacturer yet to be announced."

ABIT AV8 Motherboard @ Legit Reviews

"This board brought me a lot of satisfaction! Once I got the ABIT AV8 set up and running, it was fast and enjoyable to work with. ABIT has built another quality board that is a great performer! The board overclocked very well, and with faster ram, I am sure we could have even pushed it higher with the memory at 1:1..."

Antec HD Cooler Review @ GruntvillE

"A direct correlation can be drawn between the speed of your drive and the heat produced. The faster the hard drive the hotter. Lucky for you, there are a slew of options for controlling high temperatures in your case caused by storage devices. Antec, well known for its quality enclosures, power supplies, and case fans, has manufactured a nifty hard drive cooler that does more than just blow air."

ATI Radeon XPRESS 200 Chipset Review @ Beyond3D

"The integrated graphics of RS480 is based on ATI's fairly well known 9600 / X300 graphics cores, which means that it has DirectX9 Shader 2.0 capabilities (no doubt with an eye on Longhorns "Aero" 3D interface) and in excess of two years of graphics driver development dedicated to it. Although the graphics core is based on RV370, where the desktop chips have 4 pipelines, this only has two."

Intel 2004 Roadmap Updates @ HEXUS.net

"For the enthusiast and workstation followers, it's easy to summarise the roadmap and its vision. 2005 for the Pentium 4 means no more than 3.8GHz, EM64T, a new Extreme Edition on the 1066MHz bus, a couple of new chipsets that support DDR2-667 and dual-core P4 right at the end of the year."

MV Ixius 3.6 Laptop and NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Go 256MB @ HEXUS.net

"Bottom line is that desktop-replacement laptops have just moved up another gear, so if you can justify spending £1750 and want a do-it-all laptop, MV's Ixius 3.6 is a good a bet as any right now."

Ultra Products 256MB 8-in-1 MP3 Player Review @ BigBruin.Com

"The Ultra Products 8-in-1 MP3 Player is little device that isn't short on features. Although I would lean towards calling it a 6-in-1 device, it manages to do those six functions quite well... As an MP3 player and FM tuner alone it might be worth consideration, but throw in the voice recorder and the ability to accept SD/MMC as a flash drive or card reader, and it earns considerable bonus points."