A Family Affair: WB Games To Release Batgirl DLC For Batman: Arkham Knight In July

WB Games announced this week that that gamers who bought the Batman: Arkham Knight season pass will soon be getting the first story-driven downloadable content. The expanded content, called Batgirl: A Matter of Family, brings new missions to the table, but its real draw is Batgirl, who is joining the Dark Knight as a playable character for the first time in Batman: Arkham history. 

Batman Arkham Knight 02

Batgirl: A Matter of Family brings some new features to the game, including Dual Play take-down maneuvers with Robin. WB Games Montreal developed the Batgirl content, but Rocksteady Studios will develop remaining content for the Season Pass, WB said in a statement.

Batman: Arkham Knight got off to a rocky start on the PC, with WB Games having to pull the title from sale – for computers, that is. If you haven’t checked out our 
review yet, it’s worth a look and will give you an idea of what to expect when WB Games gets the PC version back on track in the near future. For all the controversy the game has endured, it still has potential, so we hope WB Games can revive Batman: Arkham Knight on the PC with better performance soon. Rocksteady already has clued us in a whole gaggle of bugs that it will tackle on the PC side including issues with NVIDIA SLI, low resolution textures, terribly inconsistent frame rates and full screen rendering (just to name a few).

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At the moment, Batman: Arkham Knight is available on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. You’ll be able to buy the Batgirl package for about $9 on July 21, but if you picked up a Season Pass you’ll have access to it on July 14th as part of the six-month DLC package. The PC version of the game is expected to be re-released in a few weeks.