3G iPhone by Mid-Year?

We all know it's coming: the 3G iPhone.  The only question is when.

In a research note to clients, global equity research analyst Nicolas Gaudois said his checks indicate that the German chipmaker will provide a "new systems solution" for the new iPhone HSDPA platform, which will include a digital baseband controller, power management unit (PMU), and radio frequency (RF) module.

"We believe this is one of the HSDPA solutions design wins management referred to as being due to ramp in [the second quarter of 2008]," he wrote. "Consistent with these checks, our Apple analyst Ben Reitzes believes that 3G iPhones will be released by mid-year."

Many have been waiting for a 3G version of the iPhone, feeling that EDGE is too slow.  Don't expect too early a signal from Apple, however, as you could expect a major slowdown of sales if they did, as people begin waiting for the new phones.

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