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Good morning HotHardware fans! Welcome back! The lion's share of today's news focuses on Futuremark's release of 3DMark05. There's lots of info regarding this new benchmark to sort through today, so make sure you read it all, and soak up all the knowledge! And when you're done, come right back here and take a look at our latest review, and spend some time in the forum while you're at it!

Futuremark Unveils 3DMark05
The World's Most Advanced DirectX 9 Graphics Benchmark

Saratoga, California USA – September 29th, 2004 – Futuremark Corporation today announced 3DMark05, the world's most demanding graphics application for PCs. 3DMark05 is the fifth generation of the product line, which boasts a distribution of over 50 million copies. 3DMark05 sets the standard for accurate and objective measurement of graphics performance of DirectX 9 in running next generation of 3D games.

3DMark05 enables objective cross-platform performance comparisons and incorporates many groundbreaking new features and technologies. The all-new engine and tests were developed within Futuremark's Benchmark Development Program whose members include: 3DLabs, AMD, ATI, Dell, Gateway, Imagination Technologies (PowerVR), Innovision, Intel, Microsoft, NVIDIA, S3, and XGI.  Read More...

3DMark05 Reviews / Previews:
Tech Report

 SuperTalent PC3500 CL2 DDR433 Memory Review @ 3DX:

"Today 3DXtreme has the great pleasure of reviewing SuperTalent's newest Memory product being introduced at the budget level. It is common when shopping for PC Memory to see brand names like Corsair, Kingston, OCZ and while you are getting a high quality product the price for such offerings can be too much for many folks on a budget, especially for CAS 2 Memory in the PC3500 (DDR433) variety. SuperTalent slides in here with a solution for those who want the speed but won't break the bank. Let's have a look at this Memory and see how well it performs."

 AngelEye Technologies Glide-Pad Gamer Mouse Pad @ GideonTech.com:

"Today we have the Glide-Pad Gamer Mouse Pad from AngelEye Technologies. Sporting a textured surface and a clear acrylic base, it should feel right at home on any gamer's desk, or does it?"

 AcoustiProducts Fan Gaskets & Case Feet @ Phoronix:

"Is an excessive amount of computer cooling noise causing restless nights? If so, we may have a possible solution for you from AcoustiProducts. These products include the AcoustiFan Anti-Vibration Silicone Fan Gaskets and AcoustiCase Anti-Vibration Case Feet."

 RFID Chip Editorial @ The Tech Zone:

"RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification and is a term that will become increasingly well known as usage of the new technology becomes pervasive. There is no question that the tiny chips, which enable tracking of physical goods from the assembly line to warehouse to retail outlet to checkstand, will replace the barcodes previously used for that purpose."

 Alphacool NexXxoS XP Waterblock Review @ GruntvillE.com:

"The Alphacool NexXxos XP block turned in a very impressive performance and really compares well against the top US designed blocks that I put it up against. The mounting mechanism is also impressive in the sheer simplicity of the design."

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