3DMark05 Easter Egg?

Since we're faced with a painfully slow day in terms of news, I figured it might be good to spice things up with an Easter Egg for 3DMark05 that adds flying cows to the demo! After benchmarking systems an unimaginable number of times using this benchmark, it's a bit refreshing to see a new spin put on things. If you have time to kill, give this simple mod a shot and laugh. Apparently, this isn't the first time flying cows have made their way into 3DMark benchmarks.

3DMark Cow History: . In 2001 you can enable an easteregg where you can drive around and shoot down flying cows: Open the Edit Projekt dialog and insert Holy Cow! as Project Name, this will unlock the Game Demo button. . In 03 there are some cows at the end of the first part of the demo. . In 05 you can enable an easteregg that replaces some of the the Arolphins (flying dolphins) with Cowlfins (flying cows) at the end of the Demo (credits screen):
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