2GB Memory Kit Shootout

Anandtech has published the second part of their roundup of 2GB DDR kits to see which memory vendors should be receiving your hard-earned cash. With nearly every major memory vendor represented, the article does a good job of rounding up the usual suspects and weeding out the less than stellar performers. In the end, the editor has no problem dividing the best modules from the rest of the field. However, there are some interesting questions nested at the end of the article that might just complicate that upcoming memory purchase you were planning.

The only real question is whether you really want to invest in 2GB of DDR with AMD DDR2 just around the corner. We don't think that you can possibly lose choosing one of these excellent 2GB kits for your new system build today, but you will need new DDR2 memory for AM2 when it arrives in a few months. What we don't yet know is whether AM2 or the upcoming Intel processors will provide the kind of compelling performance that will make an upgrade to DDR2 a performance enhancing choice for your new system. We look forward to finding answers to this question in the near future.
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