2.5 Geeks: How Many CPU Cores Do You Need For Gaming? And A KILLER PC Giveaway!

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On this episode of HotHardware's Two And A Half Geeks, Dave, Marco and Chris run down some of this past week's interesting tech news and discuss our in-house research results regarding how many CPU cores you need for a great gaming experience. We'll also give details on our latest AMAZING gaming PC GIVEAWAY in collaboration with Falcon Northwest, AMD and Bungie...

Show Notes:
01:30 - Happy Birthday to Dave!
06:02 - Intel 11th Gen Core H45 Tiger Lake-H CPUs Launch To Push Laptop Performance Envelope
13:51 - Sony's PlayStation 5 Refresh Reportedly On Track With 6nm AMD Ryzen SoC
17:41 - Data Breach Exposes Fake Amazon Reviews Scam Implicating Thousands Of Unethical Behavior
23:42 - AMD EPYC Server CPUs Capture Highest Market Share Gains From Intel In 15 Years
26:41 - How Many CPU Cores Do You Need For Great PC Gaming?
48:30 - HotHardware Destiny 2 Talon Gaming PC Giveaway With Falcon Northwest, AMD And Bungie!