2025 BMW M5 Plug-In Hybrid Packs A V8 And An Electrifying 717 HP Powertrain

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The 2025 BMW M5 is receiving an electrified plug-in hybrid powertrain that promises to deliver more of everything—more power, more torque, more tech, more space, more expensive, more (ahem) questionable design elements, and more meat on the already heavy bones. While not a full-on EV, the hybrid system will still propel the M5's hefty 5,390 lbs from 0-60 mph in a factory-rated 3.5 seconds and is expected to be the best-handling M5 ever made.

BMW sure has been dropping new and refreshed models like crazy. Today, one of the German automaker's halo models, the M5 enters the ring on the seventh generation G90 platform, complete with the powerplant borrowed from the bonkers BMW XM crossover. Unfortunately, BMW's controversial design language continues to haunt the front and rear of the car, though we're sure BMW fanboys will still salivate over this like kids at a candy store.

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Tweaked for the car, the M-Hybrid powertrain is made up of an S68 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 (577 hp, 553 lb-ft of torque) paired with an electric motor (197 hp, 206 lb-ft of torque or 332 lb-ft peak) integrated into the eight-speed M Steptronic automatic gearbox.

The combined 717 hp and 738 lb-ft of torque is transmitted to the ground via the M xDrive all-wheel drive. The company says that a 0-60 mph rush takes 3.5 seconds, but by and large, BMW tends to under-exaggerate its cars' performance figures. To wit, Car and Driver found that power at the F90 M5 Competition (617 hp factory) has not only higher output at the crank than advertised, but dashed to 60 mph in 2.6 seconds. 

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As a plug-in hybrid, owners can choose to wake their neighbors in the morning with the V8 or responsibly use the 14.8 kWh battery to drive their car up to 25 miles on quiet juice alone. All this new hardware comes with a major bump in weight, however. While the last-generation M5 clocked in at 4,300 lbs, the new one is a porker, weighing 5,390 lbs. 

Nonetheless, BMW has dutifully enforced the vehicle with track-capable M adaptive dampers and suspension bits; the M5 has a reputation to uphold, after all. Stopping the car will be tasked by six-piston fixed front calipers and single-piston floating rears. Rubber on all four ends are meatier as well: 285/40ZR20 for the front, and 295/35ZR21 in the rear. 

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Inside, the treatment and lines are similar to that in the standard 5-series and i5, but with M-centric trim and colors, of course. Prices are expected to start around $120,675 for the sedan when it goes on sale in November. BMW is also expected to officially release the M5 Touring wagon in the U.S. for the first time ever; we're definitely crossing our fingers for this one.