MacBook Airs "Edgy," in a "Slice-Yourself" Way?

The design of the MacBook Air has been called sharp and edgy, but it's likely most users don't want it quite this edgy.  Users at a German Apple forum (apfeltalk) have posted a thread on just how edgy the Air is.

Based on the thread (and the hard to understand translation), it seems as though the user managed to cut his elbow with the sharp edge of his MacBook Air (as pictured above).  Of course, that cut could have been made in any number of ways, so perhaps the post is just warming up the Web for a high-priced lawsuit.

Meanwhile, another post in the same forum shows another user reportedly cutting bread with his MacBook Air.  This one is a lot more suspicious, as the user could easily have started the cut with a regular knife and just placed the edge of his Air into the cut.  On the other hand, why would anyone do this?  Give us a YouTube video if you really want us to believe this, though.

Amazing what people will do in their spare time.  How about using the Air as a computer, rather than a knife, guys?
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