AMD FirePro W9100 vs NVIDIA Quadro K6000

Autodesk Maya 2015, AutoCAD 2015

SPEC has updated the Maya test suite since our last review, so we're using the Maya 2012 test rather than the older Maya 2009 benchmark. Performance is given as a single GFX composite score for each of the four cards.

Update: Nvidia has informed it there was a performance regression in its Quadro drivers.  We will re-test Maya 2015 as soon as possible and update the graph.

AutoCAD 2015:

For AutoCAD 2015 we tested the latest version of the long-running CADalyst benchmark (now up to Version 5.5). The CADalyst tests aren't necessarily the best fit for the W9100 or the Quadro K6000 -- it's difficult to test those enormous frame buffers -- but the benchmark results don't favor AMD. Even the W9000 scores behind the older Quadro 6000.

We experimented with 4K performance in the CADalyst 5.5 benchmark, but bumping resolution up only had a modest impact on performance and didn't do much to change competitive standings. The loss margins shift slightly, but the application test still favors Nvidia.

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