WD My Cloud Personal Cloud Server Review

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Summary: Western Digital promised an easy to use personal cloud with the My Cloud device, and that’s precisely what they delivered. Performance in terms of file transfer speeds isn’t all that close to what you’d find with locally connected storage, but at least all the transfer times we checked out were reasonable. (It's also worth noting that at times you'll be limited by the speed of your Internet connection as opposed to the My Cloud itself, such as when you're opening up files on your mobile device while out and about.) What’s more important is that My Cloud serves up your files when you want them and via any number of devices, including smartphones, smart TVs, and PCs. Even better, My Cloud is a cinch to set up, and adding devices is a quick and relatively painless process. Uploading files to My Cloud takes a little longer than you might like, but the interface is simple to use and easy to manage.

My Cloud solves a big problem for a lot of people: It delivers a remote storage solution for average consumers that offers the capacity many families need, with simple setup and management tools. You have complete control over your personal cloud and its security instead of having to trust a third party, while also enjoying the benefits of anytime, anywhere access to your files. Because you only pay for your capacity once, when you first purchase a My Cloud, you can save money versus expensive cloud services that require continual monthly fees.

What My Cloud does not offer, however, is offsite backup. As we mentioned in the beginning of this article, one of the problems of local storage is that it’s vulnerable to fires, floods, and thieves, and My Cloud still suffers from those risks. However, because My Cloud is so easy to use, one could use it as offsite backup by parking it at a trusted location with a reliable internet connection. You can still manage the device and everything on it from your own home PC, and if you maintain a copy of all your files on local storage, you’d effectively have a disaster recovery solution with the My Cloud.

My Cloud offers a compelling service, and it’s nice to see a very simple way for average consumers to set up and manage a personal cloud. All things considered, we were honestly a bit surprised that My Cloud costs just $149.99. For the storage capacity alone (2TB) that’s not a terrible deal, but considering all of the conveniences My Cloud affords, that’s simply a great deal.


  • Compelling use case
  • Simple, intuitive setup and management
  • Good Price
  • Slow file transfers
  • Occasionally glitches

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