Western Digital 2TB Caviar Green Power Hard Drive

Summary and Conclusion

Performance Summary: Western Digital's Green Power 2TB drive performed above average in our tests and did so while running very cool and quiet. It excelled at disk writes and delivered results at or near the top in all benchmarks when compared to the other consumer drives. The WDGP 2TB also ramped up quickly and performed well in the ATTO benchmark. This is impressive from a drive that also provides the added benefits of using "Green Technology" and consuming less power.

The Western Digital Green Power 2TB performs as promised and is part of a larger movement towards energy efficiency in technology. We like products that are good for the environment and perform as expected, whether you're simply a cool and quiet computing type or more concerned about your carbon footprint.  It's our belief that "green" technology should be applied whenever possible in computing architectures. Western Digital is at the forefront with their Green Power drives for now but expect offerings from other drive vendors to follow soon.

The WDGP 2TB will fit certain applications very well. Home Theater PC's for example, with only one drive slot, can use it to provide 2TB of quiet, cool, energy efficient storage. When you consider the fact that you traditionally would have to pair up at least two drives to equal the 2TB storage space, the energy efficiency features of the Western Digital Green Power 2TB drive become even more of a factor. 

With a street price of $299 it may be a little more costly considering you could get two Western Digital 1.5TB Green Power drives at almost the same price. But as expected there is always bit of a premium (at least temporarily) for the largest capacity hard drive available on the market. We're willing to bet the masses will ante up however and feel that price premium isn't completely unjustified.


  • Largest capacity drive currently available
  • Energy efficient
  • Runs cooler / quieter
  • Solid mid-range performance


  • A little pricey

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