WD My Passport Wireless Review: Shared Wireless Storage

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There is a lot to like about the WD My Passport Wireless. It stands out from its competitors -- devices like the LaCie Fuel and Seagate Wireless Plus -- by virtue of its SD card slot and slick software, making it an attractive option for people packing SD Cards that needs simple, painless backups while on the road. We also like the fact that it can be connected to a wireless Internet connection, and then share that internet connection and the contents with the drive with anyone who connects (the drive's contents can also be password protected). However, its competitors also offer this feature.

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The software used to stream the drive's contents to your mobile device is easy to use and straightforward, and generally works very well. We had zero issues streaming video to our phone even from across the room, but we weren't able to stream it from about 50 feet or so with a few walls in between us and the drive. Looking at photos on the device was somewhat irksome, as it just took way too long to display photos. We really hope WD can make some improvements on this front. We also don't think its six-hour battery is competitive with its rivals, as they both sport 10 hour batteries.

In the end, what really separates this drive from its rivals is its SD card slot, streaming capabilities, and its WD branding. Since this is WD's first swing at the wireless hard drive market we figure it will be able to significantly improve on the drive in future updates, or even new models. It's a great first effort as the drive is easy to use and affordable, though there is still room for improvement.

  • SD Card Slot
  • Good Software
  • Smooth Video Streaming
  • Highly Portable Backup Solution
  • Photo Browsing Was Slower Than Expected
  • Battery Live Could Be Improved

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