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Shuttle's SDVD-101 10X DVD-ROM Drive

Is it time to dump your CD-ROM Drive?

By - Marco "BigWop" Chiappetta
8 / 24 / 2000

Test System
The reference hardware

Tyan S1854 Motherboard (VIA 133a), PIII 933MHz.,  256MB PC133 2-2-2 RAM, Shuttle 10x DVD, IBM 22GXP HD, Via IDE Busmaster Drivers (580_2149), Windows 98SE, DirectX 7.0a

Benchmarks with the Shuttle SDVD-101
What can she do?

Let's see what this drive can do under SiSoft Sandra 2000.  For all the testing we used a retail CD-ROM from the game, "F.A.K.K. 2".  We could not run any of the benchmarks using a DVD disk because of the MPAA's security measures (I think).

 SiSoft Sandra 2000


As you can see, the drive performs quite well.  Not exactly double the performance of the 5X DVD, but it does beat it.

We also ran CD-Speed Pro 99, again using the same F.A.K.K. 2 disc.

CD-Speed 99

(Sorry this is blurry, I had to shrink it to make it fit!) 

The CD-Speed 99 benchmark again shows that this drive is a decent performer.  Notice that the Spin-Up time was over 3 seconds using this was easily twice as long with a CD-R in the drive.

Note:  DAE Performance

We also used Audio Catalyst 2.1 to rip some CD?s, and the drive consistently able to rip audio between 9x and 18x, which is respectable. Users wanting to rip at higher speeds should be using a top quality CD-ROM drive.

DVD Playback

This drive came bundled with one of the best software DVD players, PowerDVD.

Playback was smooth and we didn't notice any dropped frames.  With a good video card (We used an Elsa Gladiac 64MB) and PowerDVD you can expect great quality when playing DVD's on your computer.  Here's a quick glimpse of Famke Janssen from the movie "Rounder", just to give you an idea.

The big finale...

Our overall feelings about the Shuttle SDVD-101 are good.  With the exception of the rather long Spin-Up times using CD-Rs, there really isn't much to complain about.  Unfortunately, there isn't much to brag about either.  As a whole performance was good and the drive was reliable, it just didn't put up any exemplary performance numbers.  As a drive for the mainstream user I would recommend it without hesitation.  However, hardcore user looking to add DVD to their system should might also want to hold onto their standard CD-ROM drive for optimal CD perfomance.


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