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Shuttle's SD-561 56X CD-ROM Drive

A Frugal and Nimble Solution

3/14/00 - By, Marco ?BigWop? Chiappetta

Test System
The reference hardware

Tyan S1854 Trinity 400 Motherboard, PIII 733 Overclocked to 770MHz.,  256MB PC133 RAM, Shuttle 56x CD, IBM 22GXP HD, Via IDE Busmaster Drivers, Windows 98SE, DirectX 7.0


Benchmarks with the Shuttle SD-561
What is she made of?

Now let?s get down to some actual numbers.


 SiSoft Sandra 2000


As you can see, the drive doesn?t live up to the ?56x? moniker (not many CD-ROM drives do), however, it does outperform the Memorex 48X drive used for comparison in Davo?s Kenwood review.



CD-Speed 99


The CD-Speed 99 benchmark again shows that the drive never hit it?s advertised max of 56x, however, the drive was very consistent.  Its access time was also slightly slower than advertised, but look how smooth the graph is.  It also fairs well with respect to other drives listed in the CD Speed database here.  As you can see, it ranks right up there with top 50-56X performers.  Make no mistake, the drive is fast, there?s just a little bit of marketing involved in that 56x number.

Note:  DAE Performance

I also tried Audio Catalyst 2.1 to rip some CD?s, and the drive consistently ripped between 8x and 20x, which is again respectable.



Telling it like it is

All in all, the Shuttle SD-561 56x CD-ROM reviewed here is a good all around drive. Although it never hit its peak advertised speed, it did perform at a very high level.  Its not quite at the same level of a Plextor SCSI or Kenwood TrueX EIDE drive.  However, if you?re considering a CD-ROM purchase and don?t want to drop the big bucks on one of those other drives, I?d have no problems recommending this product.  We have seen this drive retailing on the net for around $55.  It is hard to beat that kind of price/performance ratio.

We give the Shuttle SD-561 56X CD-ROM Drive a Hot Hardware Heat Meter Rating of...


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