Seagate Momentus XT 750GB Hybrid Drive

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PCMark 7 Storage Benchmarks

We really like PCMark 7's Secondary Storage benchmark module for its pseudo real-world application measurement approach to testing. PCMark 7 offers a trace-based measurement of system response times under various scripted workloads of traditional client / desktop system operation. From simple application start-up performance, to data streaming from a drive in a game engine, and video editing with Windows Movie Maker, we feel more comfortable that these tests reasonably illustrate the performance profile of SSDs in an end-user / consumer PC usage model, more so than a purely synthetic transfer test.

Futuremark's PCMark 7 Secondary Storage

PCMark 7's storage benchmark, due to its psuedo-real-world workloads, does show the benefits of Seagate's adaptive memory technology. We ran this test three times to illustrate how the Momentus XT's performance scales from run to run as its solid state cache comes into play. The test was run  multiple times on the other hybrid solutions as well, and the results from their third runs are reported here. The other hybrid solutions, however, offered somewhat better performance in most of the tests.

As you can see, the Momentus XT's performance scales significantly as its solid state cache is utilized and the drive offers performance much better than a standard 7200RPM hard drive.

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