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Half-Life 2: Episode 1 Performance


Performance Comparisons with Half-Life 2: Episode 1

Half-Life 2: Ep 1
Thanks to the dedication of hardcore PC gamers and a huge mod-community, the original Half-Life became one of the most successful first person shooters of all time. So, when Valve announced Half-Life 2 was close to completion in mid-2003, gamers the world over sat in eager anticipation. Fortunately, HL2 proved popular enough that we are getting more play in the form of episodes. We benchmarked Episode 1 at 1280x1024 and 1600x1200 with a long, custom-recorded timedemo that takes us through both outdoor and indoor environments.

Sapphire's X1950 Pro really shines in HL2: Episode 1; it even outshines the overclocked 7900 GT in some cases. The only thing that seems to really put a dent in the X1950 Pro's studliness is enabling HDR. Still, even with HDR enabled, it performs quite admirably.

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