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Sapphire Technology Radeon 9700 Atlantis Pro
A newcomer brings The Radeon 9700 To Market

By -Dave Altavilla
October 14, 2002

Aquanox is a pretty entertaining Battle Sub simulation that was released by  Massive Development.  It utilizes Pixel Shaders and various DirectX 8 effects (where are our DX9 games?  as a matter of fact, where's DX9 itself?).  They also have Aquanox 2 planned now.

Aquanox Aquamark
DirectX 8.1 performance


The song remains the same here.  Even at high resolutions, the cards more limited by the 2.4GHz P4.  However, turn on the AA and Aniso and the Radeon 9700 Atlantis Pro blows by the GeForce 4 Ti 4600.  This benchmark specifically tries to swamp the graphics pipeline and the actual game plays significantly faster.

Getting Serious With Sam
The Second Encounter "Little Trouble" Demo


As Yogi would say, "it's like Deja-Vu all over again"!  Only this time the test system's P4 has an easy time with the benchmark and so do our 3D Graphics Card contestants, even at high resolutions, when not utilizing AA or Aniso Filtering.  Once again, when we turned up the AA and Aniso filtering, we watched the Sapphire card smoke NVIDIA's finest.

Quake 3 and The Heat Meter

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