Plextor's PX-712SA Dual-Format DVD+/- SATA Drive

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DVD+R Write Testing

CD/DVD Write Performance Testing
Pushing it to 12X

Nero CD-DVD Speed - DVD+R Write Test:

In our last round of testing we'll focus on DVD+R write performance.  For this test we ran the Plextor drive with our 8X media and again with 12X rated media provided by Plextor.  The Artec drive was used as a comparison for 8X recording.

Plextor PX-712SA

Artec Dual DVD

With DVD+R write testing, the Plextor PX-712SA really shined.  Using the same P-CAV method, the drive completed the 8X test in 7:44 at a top speed of 8.07X.  Using the same writing method, the Artec drive reached a maximum speed of 8.02X, completing the test in 8:31.  The Artec had a much more erratic performance scale that limited the average speed to 7:36X, compared to the PX-712SA's 7.89X average.  While this doesn't look like a wide margin, this resulted in the Artec taking nearly a minute longer to complete the test.

Next, we inserted 12X media into the PX-712SA and ran the test once again.  This time the drive peaked at 12.18X with an average rotation of 10.32X.  This resulted in a complete burn in 6:15, shaving an additional 1:29 off the 8X results.  To put this in perspective, burning 4.38GB in 6:15 equates to burning a full CD-R in about one minute.

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