Plextor's PlexWriter 8/4/32 CDRW Drive!

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The PlexWriter does a nice job here and CD Speed 99 reports it as a 25X Drive on average.  It lived up to it 32X Max specification on the end tracks.  Access times reported were a little poky compared to the specs for the drive.  This test was done with a Data Disk.


Here we see the drive having to work for a living, so to speak, with an Audio Disk loaded in for the test. Digital Audio extraction was a perfect 10 with no errors.   The average speed reported here is about 17X. 


The Plextor PlexWriter 8/4/32 CD-RW Drive
Turning and Burning

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Full Tower ATX Case w/ 300W PS, Pentium3-500E overclocked to 600 and 750 MHz. (Provided By OutsideLoop Computers) Tyan Trinity 400 VIA Apollo Pro PC133 Motherboard, 128MB of EMS PC133 HSDRAM, WD 18G 7200RPM DMA66 Hard Drive, Elsa Erazor X2 AGP Card, Kenwood 72X CDROM, Plextor PlexWriter 8/4/32 CD-RW Drive,  Win98SE, DirectX7, Plextor Firmware Revision 1.05

PlexWriter Benchmarks 
Burning up the tracks...

One more utility that Plextor provides with the drive is an Audio Capture utility.  It lets you convert audio files to a .WAV format only.

(click for a closer look)

As far as Digital Audio Extraction (DAE) goes, the PlexWriter 8/4/32 does just OK, extracting and writing the wave file at 11.6X speed according to their software.  Other read only drives can accomplish this task faster but then again they don't write CDs at 8X either.  


CD Speed 99

CD Speed 99 is a good measure of specific areas of CD drive performance.  Here the read performance of the drive is put through a battery of tests.

(click images for a closer look)


SiSoft Sandra CD Benchmark

This benchmark reports the drive as having the read performance level of a 16X drive.  We expected to see a little bit more here quite frankly. 



CD Duplication Tests

Let's face it folks, the REAL test of a CD Recordable Drive is Write and Re-Write performance.  So here is a snapshot of the drive doing what it does best, burning CDs.

As we expected, this is where the PlexWriter 8/4/32 really shines!  It wrote a full CD in approximately 9 minutes.  This is the fastest recordable drive we have in house currently, although 12X drives are right around the corner, so we are told.  Re-Writing to a CD-RW disk was slower of course but in keeping with the drive's 4X spec.



  Final Remarks and The Rating


The Plextor Plexwriter 8/4/32 CD-RW Drive is a great new workhorse from a company long known for its quality and performance in the CD Drive arena.  Its read speed is decent although somewhat uninspiring.  However, its Write and Re-Write capabilities typify a new level of performance in CD Recording.  Plextor also goes the distance with a nice complement of software tools.  

All told the PlexWriter 8/4/32 delivers a solid offering of features and performance augmented by top end CD recording.  If you measure this drive on its write performance alone, it is top notch.  As a total package, it should still satisfy even the performance enthusiast.


We give the Plextor PlexWriter 8/4/32 a HotHardware Heat Meter Rating of....


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