Parrot Bebop Drone And Skycontroller: HD Video Eye In The Sky


The Parrott Bebop Drone and Skycontroller Kit is a smart buy for the novice or beginner drone pilot interested in shooting beautiful HD video.  The drone is very light and ruggedly built.  The Skycontroller is absolutely worth the money as well, because it brings a level of control and realism that can't be matched using a mobile device alone and it also substantially extends the range.  The additional battery is a welcome addition too.  I routinely got three nearly full flights by bringing the first drone battery down to about 25%, then swapping that onto the Skycontroller, and repeating as necessary.  A GPS waypoint routing feature is still not available, but we are told it'll be an in-app purchase once it is finally released.

We would like to see better connections for batteries, the release of the GPS waypoint feature, and the addition of a car charger for battery charging on road trips.  The video performance in low light conditions is not great and the digital image stabilization under moderate winds results in jagged artificial edges on objects, but overall Parrot is offering a nice package, at a relatively affordable price. The Bebop Drone and Skycontroller kit is available for about $899, which is significantly more affordable than higher-end drones that offer the kind of features and range of the Bebop.

parrot bebop drone new 03
So long as you are out on a bright sunny day with low winds the Bebop drone is capable of capturing some stunning video and we really dig the Skycontroller.  The kit is a good value, and considering how safe and robust it is to fly, the rich feature set, and the beautiful video that can be captured in favorable conditions, we have no problem recommending it.

  • Good Video Quality
  • Stable
  • Rugged
  • Easy To Fly
  • Not Great In Low Light / Windy Situations
  • Fussy Battery Installation

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