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We'll let the pictures say it all...

One Hot Athlon Overclocking  Card
From Outside Loop Computers


We dialed the Athlon straight up to 800MHz. with the Afterburner from Outside Loop.  This particular CPU we had, held stable throughout our tests for hours on end at this frequency.  Will you be able to hit this mark?  I don't know but the Afterburner will let you find out and some sort of overclock achievement is almost guaranteed with Athlons.  There just hasn't been a clean and easy way to achieve it, until now.

Update  12/22/99:
We used an Athlon 500 with a modification done to it to give it 1/3 cache division.  This is something that sometimes has to be done to get the cache stable on the Athlon Module at 800MHz.  The Afterburner takes care of the core tweaks and the core was very stable at 800MHz.  Your CPU may or may not need this tweak.

So how about a little Sandra action for our new MHz. Monster?  Click 'em!

These numbers need no explanation but I'll give you two words... Damn fast!

Ah, what the heck.  How about a little GeForce SDR/Athlon Quake 3 Arena lovin'?

These were taken on our standard Athlon test bed system which includes an MSI MS6167 Motherboard and 128MB of PC133 SDRAM.  We also used the Elsa Erazor X GeForce SDR AGP card with 32MB of standard SDRAM on board.  Needless to say these are some fantastic scores especially due to the fact that these were taken on the Full Release version of Quake 3 Arena which is much more power hungry than the demo tests that were released earlier this year. 

Well folks, we're going to break out a whole new rating for this review that will be the Hot Hardware rating metric for all reviews moving forward.  Ladies and Gents, I give you, THE HEAT METER!

The Outside Loop Afterburner scores a Hot Hardware Heat Meter Rating of   9.5 !

With a name like "The Afterburner", how could it fail?  :)




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