Nixeus EDG 27 IPS Freesync 144Hz Gaming Monitor Review: Hitting The Sweet Spot

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Nixeus EDG 27 Summary And Conclusion

The Nixeus EDG 27 performed very well. This monitor has got virtually all of the features gamers' crave -- it supports Adaptive-Sync / FreeSync with a relatively wide 30Hz to 144Hz range, it is easily adjustable and tweakable through its clean OSD, it has plenty of inputs, full tilt / swivel / height adjustments, a high-quality IPS panel, and it even has basic, built-in stereo audio.

Considering its specifications, the Nixeus EDG 27 should also be relatively affordable. Other FreeSync compatible displays, with IPS panels, a 2560x1440 resolution, and a wide adaptive refresh range can cost upwards of $575 or more (sometimes much more). Nixeus has set the MSRP at $499 for the ED 27, though we're told street prices should settle in the $449 range relatively quickly, once the monitor ships next month.

edg27 style 2
The Nixeus EDG 27 144Hz IPS FreeSync Monitor, Find It At Amazon.Com

Some gamers may take issue with the Nixeus EDG 27's aesthetics, however. Save for its stylized base, this is about as no-nonsense a gaming display as we have ever seen. There are no wild colors anywhere, no customizable lighting, no decals or decorations (except the logo and button labels), and the bezels are relatively wide. The Nixeus EDG 27 certainly doesn't fit the typical design-language for components that target gamers.

If none of that matters to you though, and performance and value are your main criteria for a gaming display, Nixeus has hit a sweet spot. The 1440P resolution on a display of this size is ideal, the high-quality IPS panel produces excellent visuals, the price is right, and support for FreeSync with a wide 30Hz - 144Hz range is the icing on the cake.

  • High Refresh Rates
  • Good IPS Panel
  • FreeSync Support
  • Reliable Physical Buttons
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Relatively Wide Bezels
  • No-Nonsense Aesthetics

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