MSI's VT2D8X GeForce4 Ti4600

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MSI's VT2D8X GeForce4 Ti4600
More Bandwidth, More Cooling, More Goodies!

By - Jeff Bouton
February 16, 2003

More OpenGL Benchmarks with Quake 3
Full Screen Antialiasing Performance!

Another good way to stress a card's performance potential is to run a few rounds of Quake 3 with Full-Screen Anti-Aliasing enabled.  Once again we ran the test at three common resolutions, comparing the results to the eVGA Ti4600 with AGP4X.

Much like the Unreal test, the results were rather "un" interesting.  In all three tests, the results were almost identical, with the MSI VT2D8X holding the slightest of leads.  Next we'll turn up the FSAA quality and see if the same trend continues.

OpenGL Benchmarks with Quake 3
Full Screen Antialiasing Performance Continued!

With 4X Anti-aliasing enabled, we are able to tax each card even more.  This time we ran the test at 1024x768 and 1280x1024.

Once again we saw the same trend continue.  Both cards posted the same results, showing the little effect the AGP 8X has on existing gameplay.  There is no doubt that as newer games are developed to take advantage of the additional bandwidth resulting from AGP 8X support, the gap in comparison scores will begin to widen.  But as far as things go today, there is little gained with AGP8X.


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