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The MSI GeForce FX5200 TDR128
A Budget Card with a Little Extra

By: Jeff Bouton
June 3rd, 2003

Benchmarking with Quake III
Tried and True!

As far as OpenGl benchmarking goes, Quake 3 is the most prolific test of them all.  In the fast paced technology market where products can become obsolete just as quickly as they are released, Quake 3 has managed to keep itself firmly in the mix.  This is most likely due to its long history that has allowed its scores to become commonplace, which most anyone can relate to.  In this round, we ran the DemoFour at 1024x768 and 1600x1200.

In the first test the MSI card had no problem posting a firm 166FPS.  In fact, even after we turned up the resolution to 1600x1200, the MSI GeForce FX5200 TDR128 maintained frame rates well above the 60FPS cut off.

So we've determined that the MSI GeForce FX5200 TDR128 can run the veteran Quake 3 without much trouble with high quality settings enabled in the game video options.  Next we'll see how the card handles the load when we increase the visual quality in the video card drivers.  First up, Anti Aliasing...

More Quake III

In this test we turned on 2X Full Screen Anti Aliasing to smooth out some edges and improve the overall image.

At 1024x768 we saw the scores for the MSI GeForceFX 5200 TDR128 drop roughly 50FPS with 2X FSAA enabled.  At 1280x1024, it was still able to sustain frame rates over 70, an adequate amount for that resolution.

More Quake 3, Serious Sam and the Wrap-up...

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