Maxtor DiamondMax 10: Exploring NCQ & RAID

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Single Drive & Mirrored Performance

Single / Mirrored Performance
Performance with HD Tach

As expected, the read performance of the single drives is nearly identical to the read performance of a mirrored pair of the same type. The Raptor is still the fastest at almost 20% faster than the DiamondMax 10 and just over 30% faster than the DiamondMax Plus 9.

The Raptors are slightly faster writing data than reading it. Here the Raptor improves even more over the DiamondMax drives with nearly a 20% improvement on the DiamondMax 10 and a 43% improvement on the DiamondMax Plus 9.

The burst performance story is quite different with Native Command Queuing showing its potential here. The Maxtor NCQ drives are 13% faster than the Raptors and 49% faster than the DiamondMax Plus 9 drives. This indicates that in instances where the NCQ was able to optimize the incoming requests, significant improvements are realized.

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