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MAD DOG Entertainer 7.1 DSP Sound Card
8 Channels of Chest Pounding Sound

By Tom Laverriere
February 17, 2004

For the next benchmark we used the DirectX 9 based Aquamark 3.  We ran through the benchmark at a setting of 640x480x32 with both audio enabled and disabled.  Let's see how much of an impact on performance enabling audio had on the game's frame rates.


Aquamark 3
CPU Utilization in 3D

In both cases there is a small drop in frame rate when audio is enabled, but in each case we're only looking at a 2% decrease.  When it comes right down to it, even the most discerning eye will not notice such a degradation in performance while playing a game.  Besides who wants to play a game without sound?

Comanche 4
More In-Game Action

Using Comanche 4 we again ran a set of benchmarks at 640x480 with and without audio enabled.  We can see above that the MAD DOG sound card required a little more processing power to reproduce the sounds in Comanche, as there is a 5% decrease in performance here.  The NVIDIA SoundStorm, on the other hand, caused only a 3% decrease in performance when audio was enabled.  To wrap things up we ran the card through a round of Quake 3 and Serious Sam.

Quake 3, Serious Sam & The Ratings

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