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The Linksys PS2KVMSK - KVM Switch
Control 2 PCs With One Keyboard and One Mouse

By Jeff Bouton - October 23, 2000


Normally, you find us reviewing the latest and greatest motherboards, video cards and hard drives.  However, today we?ll look at a product that has made quite an impression on this tester,  the Linksys PS2KVMSK   2-Port Compact KVM (Keyboard, Video and Mouse) Switch.





The PS2KVMSK is one handy device that?s a breeze to set up and has made life in the testing world a little easier.  The PS2KVMSK is a simple 2-Port Compact KVM Switch (PS/2) that doesn?t require any additional power adapter or software to run.   You just connect a keyboard and mouse, hook up the two computers and you?re ready to go.  And the best part is for just over 50 bucks you get everything in one simple kit.


Specifications / Features Of The Linksys KVM Switch
A whole lot of simplicity in a little package

  • Ports:

    • Keyboard:

      • 1 PS/2 female - Console

      • PS/2 female - CPU

      • Mouse:

        • PS/2 female - Console

        • PS/2 female - CPU

        •  Video:

          •  HDB-15 female - Console

          •  HDB-15 male - CPU Ports

          •  LED Indicators:

            •  2-Port Switch: PC1, PC2

            •  4-Port Switch: PC1, PC2, PC3, PC4

            • Resolution Max: 1920 x 1440 at 85Hz, DDC2B


Installation / Setup
Nearly idiot proof

Features of the PS2KVMSK

  • Control Multiple Computers from a Single Keyboard, Monitor, and Mouse
  • Switch Instantly Between PCs
  • Save Hundreds of Dollars in Equipment and Energy Costs
  • Serves as a Quick Docking Station for Notebook Computers
  • Supports an Incredible 1920 x 1440 Maximum Screen Resolution
  • Full Plug & Play Monitor Support
  • Caps Lock, Num. Lock, and Scroll Lock Settings Are Automatically Recalled by each PC
  • Runs with Most PS/2 and Windows 95 Keyboards
  • Compatible with Virtually All Major PS/2 Mice
  • No Software Required
  • Free Technical Support
  • Comes with 2 cables for hookup

The Good Stuff

What can we say about a simple KVM switch, you ask?  Well, the fact that after 10 minutes out of the box, we were ready to go.  No hassles... nothing.  And don?t forget to say good-bye to those clunky switch knobs.  The PS2KVMSK comes with a smooth and quiet push-button that allows you to easily toggle between two computers.  But it doesn?t stop there!  The brilliant designers over at Linksys added one more option that really makes this a standout KVM.  You say you don?t want to push no stinking buttons?  Don?t fret.  If you?d like, you can simply hit the CTRL key twice and you?re on the other computer.  Now that was easy, wasn?t it?


The Bad Stuff

Obviously, we feel this is a great KVM switch, but we do need to look at its shortcomings.  I can only come up with one.  It?s clear that the folks at Linksys were shooting for a small, convenient device that didn?t take up a whole lot of room, and it doesn?t.  But once you hook up your cables, with the ports located on opposing sides of the unit, the space taken up jumps from a measly  4? X 3?, to something more like 7? X 7?.  They probably could have designed all of the hook-ups off of the back end and still managed a respectable footprint.

Regardless, we?ve been using this unit for about 8 months now and the hot-key feature has never failed.  So if space is at a premium, you could probably hook everything up and drop it out of site and save the desk space for something else.



Cable hook-ups aside, this is a great choice if you?re in the market for a KVM switch or a device that will allow you the flexibility of controlling 2 PCs from one command center.. The Linksys PS2KVMSK 2-Port Compact KVM Switch is simple in design, rich in features, and carries a nice price tag.  So if you are looking to hook up a second box, but don?t want to shell out the cash for a new monitor, keyboard and mouse, give this baby a try. We?re glad we did.


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